Episode 66 – What About A Family Podcast?

Hey everyone, it is good to have you here on another wealthy and wise Wednesday and I hope life is going great for you. So I want to run something past you and I am serious this time when I say I love your feedback and your feedback can go the same place, questions@wisemoneytools.com and I will like to get your input and if you think this would be a worthwhile idea or not. So I have been an investment guy for 33 years now and all of our kids, we have five kids. I always had to say this, we have 6 but one passed away at birth. But anyway, we have 5 kids we raised and they are all now grown and doing their own thing but I kind of I will say coach them with this entrepreneurial gene.

[00:01:10] You know they saw me in my whole life never working for anybody, never having a boss to answer to, running my own schedule, having my own free time and freedom, they know I work really hard when I work and I work really hard so I could play. So got a lot of water skiing, snow skiing, snowboarding, riding dirt bikes and timber sleds, vacations, all those kinds of things. And so Call it a curse, call it a blessing, I don’t know every one of our kids have gone to the point where they have their own businesses, kind of doing their own thing, a few of them work with me directly and kind of indirectly in my business and our businesses actually.

[00:02:00] And so here was my thought, because each of them are a little bit different, they each kind of have, they have different risk tolerances, they have different interest and motivations, I kind of wanted to add them in on this podcast every once in a while and talk to them individually to see some of their stories, some of their interest, some of their thoughts, some of their issues might resonate with you and you might be able to kind of relate to the path that they are on and what is going on with their businesses and how they think about entrepreneurship and those kinds of things. Our oldest boy Josh, he works with me with wise money tools, all our marketing and podcast and videos, all that and then he also starts a marketing with a company that does drugs and alcohol rehab and eventually became the owner of that company and now they do just a really good job with helping people who are struggling with those things.

[00:03:18] Josh is probably a little bit more of an aggressive investor, likes new things and so his story so to speak and what his interests are maybe a little different from my next son. So my next son is Jake and he also works indirectly with the whole banking concept with us and he has wrote a couple of books and he went and got his entrepreneurial MBA at [00:03:53] Texas. And that school is a very small school but it really focuses on entrepreneurship and how to build your business. So since he graduated from there, he has opened up his own private elementary school and it is entrepreneur elementary school based on kind of the acting principles, it is called hero’s academy. You can look it up on the internet, it is really kind of cool. And Jake is more of a conservative investor, he loves businesses, he loves to analyze and dissect them, cash flow all that stuff, so he has got a little different take on investment world.

[00:04:36] Then we have our daughter Jessica who married Nick and Nick also works with us in the whole investment, internet banking kind of stuff and does a lot of marketing sets up a lot of stuff that way. But he got really good at this and he also went out and helped a builder, a contractor who builds homes [00:05:05] his business and just made him pretty significant builder in the area. And he is pretty entrepreneurial, he likes investment world and him and I talked many times on the stocks, some commodities even and Jessica our daughter who obviously married Nick. She is a designer, home designer and also interior designer. So we have a home building company, it is called hope mart signature homes and she approves I should say all our plans and then she does all the interior design and my wife has really love doing that with her, so she tags along when they are picking out all the colors and specks and cabinets and all that good stuff for a home.

[00:06:05] And so she is pretty entrepreneurial that way and people call her for her advice and she could probably go big time and she has got 3 kids and she really enjoys that part of her life. So, then the next one is Jordan and Jordan has bought and sold at least two businesses and now he has an online business and he also pretty much runs our construction company, hope mart. He does all the project management, get the subs going and eventually he wants to be a big investor in the company and he is interested in the investment side of things and a lot from the business perspectives, how to buy a business, evaluating businesses that kind of stuff.

[00:06:57] And then finally, our youngest daughter, Jenny, who got married last week. So that is it empty nesters, actually that made me really sad, no he is a good guy but Jamie has had no interest in business and has no interest in investing, in fact, if you ask her what I do for a living she probably won’t even know. She is a youngest child syndrome or she is just kind of being able to just kind of ride along and enjoy life. But her husband Garry is very interested in investment, very interested in business. Now those two were in college, so when we do any kind of podcast or video with them, we will be doing those with Skype or [00:07:51] and bring them in that way. To certain extent, I am most excited about them because they are so fresh, so I mean they just don’t know anything, they don’t know much about investing and it will be fun to kind of take them from I mean what is an investment all the way through.

[00:08:18] Who knows it could take us a year to just get through everything but we kind of need to see them as they get more excited and as they learn about investing, and as they start to research and as they start to find their own stuff and as they look at cash flows and it will be kind of fun to see their journey. Anyway, I kind of want to bring them all on, I almost make a separate part for each of them and I am sure all of you would relate to at least one or two of them and maybe as we talk about their situation in life or where they want to go, it might just resonate really clearly with you. So I’d love to hear your feedback, if you think that is a good idea if you like to hear that, if you think Dan is just full of baloney and this isn’t going to be of any interest to anybody, I mean really give me your honest feedback.

[00:09:18] But I think it will be kind of fun to watch and see the progressions and the different attitude about investing, the different knowledge about investing and then the different interest in investing or businesses and how that might all turned out in a conversation. So that is it for this podcast and video, it really just more, I am just reaching out to you, remember send in any kind of thought or comment or if you think just a yes or no if you think this is a good idea at questions@wisemoneytools.com. I’d really appreciate you to reaching out and if this seems this is something that would be of interest, we will get them started and I think it would be kind of fun because I love talking and hanging out with my kids anyway. So it will just be something we kind of record when we sit around the table often times, the conversation revolves around business anyway so it will be kind of fun. Alright, so that is it, reach out to me, I look forward to hearing from you and in the meantime you have a great week, let us know how we can help, questions thoughts, strategy session, whatever works. Don’t forget to subscribe, look forward to talking to you next week, alright that is it, take care.

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