Episode 89 Capitalism Vs Socialism Part 7

Well, hi everyone, welcome to another wealthy and wise video. And today we’re going to kind of talk a little bit about education and capitalism and hopefully, finish up this series. They’re pretty quick. And just the other day I watched an interview a college student on this financial channel. She’s leading this group of students in this big protest. Now, she was an admitted socialist, and basically herder group have three demands. Yes, I said that right? The man’s here they are free college for everyone. All student loan debt forgiven, and a $15 minimum wage for those who work on the campus.

Now, since this was a financial channel, we have to touch on some of the more ludicrous of her demands. When asked how to pay for it, she basically said to take it from the 1%. And as we’ve talked about, the 1% are already paying a vast majority of all the taxes, she said there are 85 billionaires that should be paying the tab. Now keep in mind that student debt alone is $1.3 trillion, which has been loaned to the students by banks and other financial institutions. And where did the banks get the money to make these loans? Thay get from depositors. Who are the depositors?

Well, that’s you and me, are you willing to give up your savings to let everyone out of their student loans. Student loans weren’t created, created out of thin air, maybe be backed by the government, but it’s still your money. Now, the host mentioned that the top 85 wealthiest, all put together are worth about a trillion dollars. What happens if you take everything that they have away from them, then what 1% of the taxpayers paid 543 billion or 39% of all the income taxes already, and now she wants them to cough up more so that she can have a free college education?

So how do the rest of her demands get paid for? If just one of the demands takes all the wealth out of the country? All you did by stealing from the richest 85 people is scooped a cup full of water out of an ocean of debt and future expense. Okay, so purely from a financial perspective, this is absurd. But I kind of wanted to hit this from a different angle. It’s really pretty simple. Who do they think they are? To put these demands on hard working, productive citizens of this country? Were Where did we fail these kids to haven’t even enter into their wildest dreams, that they had some kind of right to demand that the wealthy pay for their education?

Didn’t they get the lecture in life about stealing from others, that they should be working hard, being a contributor, and making their own way in this world? Did these parents really raise kids to believe that they had any right anyone else’s money, no matter how much they’re worth. I wonder if these parents would stand by if the government came to take everything that they had, or more than they needed? You know, you don’t need two cars. You don’t need a house with three bedrooms, you can live in a little apartment with two. I was a little more than annoyed and frustrated with this. I’ll just call her a little brat. Demanding and dictating who gets what.

And then every pump kid gets the privilege of having everything they want for free. I mean, I came from zero and not as. When my wife and I got married, we didn’t have any money. And it was only by hard work and innovation and struggle, that we got anywhere. And we learned something. I just think this takes a lot of nerve. It’s just like her walking into a store and demanding her grocery cart be filled with food, because she has a right to eat. How do you think that would go over in the local grocery store? This is exactly what they’re doing. They just go around about way of doing it. They get the government involved to say, just take it from the one percenter, you know, the ones who have so much money, they certainly can pay for my college education.

You know, back in the day, when I was young, parents, banks, oil children. Now they get put on a pedestal, and they lead movements. It’s crazy what’s happening. The more she cries that it’s not fair that they are that the wealthy people should be paying for college education. The more the media pays attention to her, the old media would say, Come on, girl wake up. We’re not going to give you any news coverage, other than to show how ridiculous you are. You need to earn your way in life like the rest of America has been since its founding. Where do you come off saying that anyone, no matter how rich they are, oh, you have free education.

What makes us more surprising is that the very rich and wealthy that she wants government to take from and give to her likely became wealthy, because they provided goods and products that hurt and her family by hope that they shopped at Walmart before, or bought something from Amazon or Apple, or use the internet to get on Facebook or Twitter. In other words, it’s because of capitalism. And the fact that these wealthy people did something good for her family, the country, and possibly the world that grew their wealth that she now wants to take. Without capitalism, she had no one to steal from for education, and in fact, may not even have a college or university to go to in the first place. She may be plowing the field and raising food just to survive.

So this kind of goes back to the previous video, where we need to tell these kids First of all, when it comes to someone else’s finances, you ready and start of your business. Secondly, you have no right to ask for it, let alone demand it. Mind your own business. And if you want to build your own wealth, then go serve someone with something that they want or need, and quit telling them to give you their money. If you hate those who are wealthy, quit buying stuff from them. That’s how you can vote with your dollars. No one’s going to force you to buy from them. And no one’s really going to prevent you from being anything you want to be.

What socialism does is nothing but discourage anyone from growing a business for fear that all their hard work, sacrifice and risk will be taken from them and taken from them by an overreaching government that has a bunch of spoiled little kids who think they have a right to it. Okay, so when we talk about student loan debt, I think one of the things we can do is talk about these universities. I mean, good grief, these universities have a ton of money. If instead of these protesters whining about the rich paying for their education, to probably how to turn to the universities and saving What are you doing with all this money?

Harvard $36 billion in their trust fund, Yale 25 billion, University of Texas 24 billion, Princeton 22 billion, Stanford 22 billion, Massachusetts Institute of Technology 13 billion, Texas A&M 10 billion, Northwestern University 10 billion, University of Pennsylvania 10 billion, University of Michigan 10 billion. I mean, here’s billions of dollars that are paid. I mean certainly a lot of people donate to these colleges and universities. But man these first demands should be Hey, colleges, quit hoarding all this dough, you know, lower your tuition fees so that maybe we can all afford it. I wouldn’t be surprised if her grandparents and great grandparents were a little embarrassed by the demands that she’s putting on the citizens of the United States. And specifically the wealthy and productive to pay for her college to prefer give her student loan debt and to pay her minimum wage.

If she were to go to work. It’s probably too busy protesting even work and she needs someone to take care of her in that regard as well. Sad part is we’re not teaching these kids important lessons in life, and the way they come across demanding these things. It’s just really sad. Well, that’s it for this video. Again, your comments if you have a question send into questions at wise many tools.com. Hopefully you’re enjoying these. In the end.

It’s stirring some thought and conversation in your families and with your friends and neighbors because we got to get this thing back on the right track because we need to figure out how to get more politicians who will give us more freedom and not take away and given to the demands of these kids and others by the way, as well. So that’s it for this video. Till next time. Take care.

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