• Episode #13 – Prepping for Income – Part 4

    Where are we at so far We’ve defined a couple of things Pensions are all but history for most Americans Accumulating assets for retirement is pretty much up to you You better figure out how you are going to get a steady paycheck when you retire Annuities can offer a guaranteed income for life Have…
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  • Episode #12 – Prepping for Income – Part 3

    Every retiree faces the same risks when it comes to taking income from their investments and savings. They are: Investment/Market risk Withdrawal Rate Risk Sequence of Return Risk Inflation Risk Deflation Risk Longevity Risk We better take a look at each of the risks and how they can impact you. Investment/market risk: This is pretty…
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  • Episode #11 – Prepping for Income – Part 2

    Dr. Menahem Yaari turned the economic world upside down when he stated in 1965 that a retiree who wanted to maximize his income would put all of his money into a lifetime income annuity and that there was no other alternative that could guarantee a more optimal solution. The reason for this has to do…
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  • Episode # 10 – Prepping for Income – Part 1

    Have you ever seen a video of someone jumping off a diving board into a swimming pool, but somehow end up doing a BELLY FLOP? It’s funny unless of course, it’s you, right? The same goes for retirement and income planning. It’s not so fun if you are the one that runs out of money…
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  • Episode #9 – Barber Shop Advice

    Have you heard of Barber Shop Advice? Now before you get all over me, I’m not disparaging barbers around the globe. What it refers to is the stereotypical barber shop where gossip flies, oh, and let’s not forget the beauty parlors too, it’s just the gossip from there may not be of a financial nature….
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  • Episode #8 – 5 Critical Things To Do Before Retirement

    If you’ve been planning for the eventual day of retirement, well, there are a few things you might want to know! In this episode we’ll talk about 5 critical things you must know for a successful retirement. If you have any questions, contact me at questions@wisemoneytools.com Take care!

  • Episode #7- Losing a Loved One

    If you live long enough, sooner or later it will happen to you. You’ll lose a loved one. The truth is, none of gets off this planet alive. The best thing we can do is make sure we don’t leave behind a mess for our families….let’s get prepared. I lost my black lab Shadow this…
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  • Episode #6 – Retirement Margin of Safety

    Have you ever been repelling off a Cliffside? A few years ago, we were in Cancun and did a zip-line and repelling tour. For those on video or on our podcast page, you can see a picture. If you’ve gone repelling, maybe you thought the same thing that was going through my head, will this…
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  • Episode #5 – The 4 Stages in Life

    As we progress in life there are different stages that most of us go through. Many of us have gone through all four stages, some of you are getting started and others are right in the middle of it. They go something like this: Struggling Surviving Arriving Thriving Struggling – this is the fun one,…
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