• Episode #21 – Can You Beat the IRS?

    00:00:32 Hi everyone! Glad you could join us today. We’ve got kind of a podcast/videocast thing going on and glad to have you with me. This podcast is going to come out on Wealthy and Wise Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving. So tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I hope you have a really good one. I hope…
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  • Episode #20 – Teach Kids To Save

    00:00:47 Hi everyone! This is Dan Thompson. And I want to welcome you again to another Wise Money Tools podcast. We’re also going to shoot a video on this as well. 00:00:56 Today, I thought it would be good to talk about what we’ll call Debt Discipline. 00:01:00 Now, don’t get too worried about it….
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  • Episode #19 – What Would You Do Differently?

    This is Dan Thompson and welcome again to our Wise Money Tools podcast. I want to ask you a question here. So if you could go back in time and see yourself, let’s give ourselves, 15 or 20 years—what advice would you give yourself? Sometimes I think, if I could go see myself 20 years…
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  • Episode #18 – The DANGER of Sequence of Returns

    What is Sequence of Return? Does it matter? Find out what happens when it’s time to retire and withdrawal money for income. You may be surprised at how the markets can either give or take away years of income. Be prepared by understanding the risks, and the gamble of sequence of returns.  

  • Episode #17 – Do You Have a Cherry Blossom Tree?

    I wish I kept some kind of count as to how many people I’ve talked to over the past nearly 33 years. I know it’s in the thousands for sure. What is interesting is that even though there are some common themes, frustrations, goals and objectives, that run through people’s financial situations, everyone is just…
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  • Episode #16 – Slot Machine or ATM?

    A few years ago, I was talking with a couple who were about 2 years away from retiring. They had no idea how they were going to live. Don’t get me wrong, they had a pile of money and lots of assets, but no plan as to how or where the income they needed would…
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  • Episode #13 – Prepping for Income – Part 4

    Where are we at so far We’ve defined a couple of things Pensions are all but history for most Americans Accumulating assets for retirement is pretty much up to you You better figure out how you are going to get a steady paycheck when you retire Annuities can offer a guaranteed income for life Have…
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  • Episode #12 – Prepping for Income – Part 3

    Every retiree faces the same risks when it comes to taking income from their investments and savings. They are: Investment/Market risk Withdrawal Rate Risk Sequence of Return Risk Inflation Risk Deflation Risk Longevity Risk We better take a look at each of the risks and how they can impact you. Investment/market risk: This is pretty…
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